Routine traffic stops lead to meth arrests in Cotton County

Cotton County_A sweep of traffic stops led to nearly 30 drug-related arrests for the month of March.  Nearly all were meth related.  Oklahoma law enforcement is calling this month "March Against Meth," and the Cotton County Sheriff's Department is doing all it can to sweep it off the streets.

All month, they've been handing out green bracelets to increase awareness of meth.  The death of Trooper Nik Green sparked the "March Against Meth" campaign.  Green was shot in the line of duty during a traffic stop that involved a suspect high on meth.

Cotton County authorities say they are seeing an increase in meth addiction and dealing, which is why they started the campaign.  Deputy Milton Honeycutt says since the beginning of March, his department has been keeping their eye out for meth.  They say they haven't had to do anything special to nab suspected drug users - they just pulled them over.

Honeycutt says nearly 90% of their traffic related stops resulted in meth related arrests.  They made ten arrests just his weekend, almost all of them back-to-back.  Honeycutt says he doesn't know why meth use is up again, but he says it could be because Cotton County borders Texas, and there has been a huge increase in traffic at the casinos along the border.

Honeycutt says having a "no tolerance" attitude with routine traffic stops seems to be working, since often these stops lead to more than a traffic ticket.  Cotton County is getting a good reputation for something else as well.  They hold those arrested on very high bonds.  A suspect in the latest round of arrests is being held on a $200,000 bond.