LPD's largest drug bust yields even more

Lawton_Monte Machante White has been arrested in what Lawton Police are calling the largest drug bust in their history.  Special operations detectives carried out a search warrant on a home he was in the 6000 block of Brookline, where police say they found approximately five pounds of both powder, and crack cocaine.  Along with the drugs, police say they found $21,000 cash, and five guns - including a sawed off shotgun.

Police say the street value of the cocaine is worth about $237,000.  "This [bust] represents to me - this large quantity - basically 15-20 search warrants encompassed in one," says Lieutenant Todd Palmer with the Lawton Police Department.  "The amount of cash and cocaine seized - those can typically be associated with the warrants we do in Lawton."

Police also learned that two of the guns found during the search had been reported as stolen.  They say they also found a ledger listing the names of people to whom White is accused of selling drugs.

UPDATE:  Police first said the street value of the cocaine was worth approximately $237,000, but now they say the drugs have a street value of over $400,000.  On Friday, police say they found about five pounds of powder and crack cocaine along with $21,000 in cash, a number of guns, and a ledger listing names of those to whom White was selling drugs.

Lawton Police detectives say White will face five federal charges, including trafficking cocaine, possession of stolen weapons, and possession of a sawed-off shotgun.  White was transported on Monday to the Oklahoma County Jail.  He is scheduled to appear in court at the end of this week.

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