Out of the ashes, Duncan church is reborn

Duncan_Two years after a devastating wildfire burned their church to the ground, the people of Liberty Baptist Church in Duncan opened the doors of their brand new building on Sunday morning.  They've spent the last two years constructing the church.  They have taken a few donations, and accepted a few helping hands, but they've done most of the work themselves.

Church members say re-building the church has been bittersweet, and many said was difficult to let go of the old building and all of its memories.  They say it was a blessing to rebuild the new church with their own hands, and create a place where their children can make new memories.

Liberty Baptist is where Melinda Tucker she was married, and where she had her children baptized.  She says that after the fire, the damage made re-construction seem hopeless.  But, parishioners came together, and one day at a time re-built.

Two years later, there is now a bigger, better church - exactly where the church always stood.  When it came to money, labor, and material donations, they say there was not one person who gave more than any other.  But, there were a lot of people who gave a little - and that's all it took.  The fire lit a spark in each of their faith.

Pastor Marvin Knox had retired in order to spend more time with his family, but he says he was reborn from the ashes.  They say rebuilding this church has given them all a sense of purpose, and a sense of pride that they could do something to bring the church back together again.