Newest Lawton convenience store robber still on the lam

Lawton_Saturday's armed robbery at a west Lawton convenience store was caught on surveillance video.  It shows a masked, hooded man entering Bush's Gas and food at 79th and Quanah Parker Trailway.  The man pulls a gun on the owner, Keith Bush, and a friend who was visiting Bush in the store.  Bush emptied the cash register, and the robber fled.

Since the criminal wore a hooded sweatshirt and a ski mask to hide his face, authorities aren't much closer to identifying who he is, but we now know that the robber made some surveillance of his own - and, didn't act alone.

The security tape first catches the robbers loitering outside of the store around 8:50 a.m. - two males with their faces hidden in hooded sweatshirts.  After nearly two-hours of surveillance, one of the men enters the store at 10:22 p.m.  "When he first came in the door, I was ready to tell him to take his off, because I always tell people when they come in my store they have to have their hood off," says Bush.  "But before I could even get the words out of my mouth, he had a gun pointing at me."

On the video, Bush cleverly pretends to see a police car outside.  When the gunman turns to look, Bush presses the silent alarm.  The gunman then tells Bush to empty the register, and throw the money on the floor.  "It sunk in that this was real," says Bush.  "Let's get it over with, let's get this money outta here."

Bush tossed the money so it would scatter.  The robber bent over, below the counter, to collect the money.  But, Bush says the mask made it hard for the gunman to see, and he kept dropping the money.  Finally, the robber took off along with his partner, and they escaped in a getaway car.  "It's not a bad neighborhood," Bush says.  "Everybody around here is pretty vigilant in what goes on around here.  It's just that it only takes once, and that was my once, I hope, and my last.  I don't' want to see it no more."

The robber made away with $59 of the $62 dollars that was in the register.  He dropped $3 in his attempts to pick up the money he had told Bush to throw on the floor.  Bush plans on improving the lighting outside of his store, so there are no places to hide on either side of the building.

If you have any information about this robbery, call Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO.  As always, you do not have to give your name, and you could earn a cash reward, if your tip leads to an arrest.