Jackson County woman charged with first-degree robbery

Jackson County_Elisa Vasquez was charged in an arraignment on Monday with first degree robbery.  Police say she and her friend robbed the Friendship Inn restaurant last Thursday.  A warrant was issued for her arrest, and she was caught Saturday.  When police booked her, they found a baggie of crack cocaine on her person.

Police say Vasquez was working the overnight shift at the Friendship Inn on the night of the crime.  She asked her boss if she could go home to change her clothes.

Restaurant Manager Sarah Priefert says Vasquez asked to make a quick trip home, but she returned with a friend - both wearing black bandanas over parts of their faces.  Not only that, she says Vasquez's partner had been at the restaurant earlier - wearing the same jacket.

Sarah says Vasquez knew exactly where the safe was since she had been training her to handle deposits.  She says Vasquez had only been on the job for two days before the robbery.  Sarah says she was suspicious about Vasquez's request to leave the restaurant mid-shift.

Police say Vasquez and her accomplice took a cab to the Friendship Inn where the driver dropped them off at the apartments near the rear of the restaurant.  When the two did not return to pay the fare, the cabbie left.  Police are still searching for the other suspect.

Vasquez remains behind bars in the Jackson County jail.  She will be back in court in May as prosecutors begin the process of determining if she will stand trial.

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