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Altus woman's home invaded, criminals return for round two

Altus_An Altus woman arrived home over the weekend to find her house in shambles.  Thousands of dollars worth of tools and jewelry were stolen, holes were punched in walls, and paint was splattered everywhere - but, that's not the worse news.  Reva Hayes was away from home because she has been seeing to the needs of her husband, who has just been diagnosed with cancer.  On top of all that, she has to contend with what could be a gang initiation in her own home.

Throughout the house, there are marks on doors and walls with the number "13", and the letters "SUR" - all gang related tags.  Police aren't saying the crime is gang-related, but they aren't ruling it out either.  "I just don't understand how people can do this," says Hayes.  After she discovered her house vandalized, she returned to the hospital to stay with her husband.  But, the criminals came back for another round. 

Hayes suspects it was a gang initiation because of all the tagging, and she's glad she wasn't home.  "I don't even want to think about that," she says.  "I don't know what I would have done.  That would have been the most horrifying thing I could imagine."

Police have been able to retrieve one piece of jewelry, but the suspect who had it isn't talking.  "We have a fair amount of trace evidence from that scene, too, if we locate some suspects," says Altus Police Chief Mike Patterson.  The women whose rental home was vandalized wants to see those responsible behind bars.  She has decided to offer a $2,000 reward for tips that lead to an arrest.  The owner of the home Hayes is renting is waiting for her insurance to pay for the extensive damage done to the house.

If you have any information, contact Altus Crimestoppers at 580-482-TIPS.  Any information leading to an arrest, and charges being filed, could receive a cash reward.

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