Arrest made in beating death of 82-year-old

Lawton_Wednesday an arrest has been made in the murder of 82-year-old Johnny Thorp.  Lawton Police have 20-year-old Ricky Gallegos behind bars.  Thorp was robbed, brutally beaten, and left to die, Monday night and Gallegos is the key suspect.

Gallegos is in the city jail awaiting arraignment, which will likely be tomorrow.  Detectives interviewed Gallegos early Wednesday with the hopes of getting a statement for the District Attorney.

Lawton Police Captain Will Hines says Detective Jason Roberts spotted the suspect waving at a car.  "Detective Jason Roberts, who was familiar with this individual, was looking around the area, about 17th and Lindy," says Hines.  "He sees the suspect waving at a car, he walks a little closer to make sure it's him.  Suspect gets in the car, vehicles driving by, and he follows this car to Sheridan and Lindy where he called for backup units.  The car did stop at the EZ-Go there at Sheridan and Lindy, and that's where they made the arrest."

The robbery and murder happened Monday evening at 248 NW 74th Street.  Officers responded to the possible robbery and discovered the body of Thorp, with what police described as blunt force trauma to the head.

Interviews with two teenage girls - who were arrested on suspicion of contributing to the crime - led police to Gallegos.  The two girls were arraigned on Wednesday in connection with the crime.  Both admitted to their participation in the robbery using a firearm.

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