City of Lawton to collect your cast-offs this week

Lawton_It's springtime in Oklahoma - hot and dry one day, cold and wet the next - and, the City of Lawton is helping its citizens get a head start on spring-cleaning. Thursday began the first day of the city-wide spring cleanup.

Four times per year, Lawtonians are permitted to put large, unwanted items on the curb - items that normally wouldn't fit inside a regular trash can. Quarterly, the city takes away this big trash at no extra cost.

When Lawton began this service, trash collectors would take a minimum of six-weeks to collect the trash. Now, it only takes two-weeks to clear the city of unwanted junk. So, plenty of people in Lawton are hauling their jumbo junk to the curb. The process that began Thursday will continue through Sunday, as residents throw out more than their usual load.

The City says items that would usually be left behind by trash collectors - large boxes, old furniture, and even exercise equipment - will be hauled away without dispute. What the City of Lawton trash collectors notice most this time of year are lawn clippings.

But, before you get started setting out your big trash, the City wants you to know that some items are off limits. Sanitation workers will not haul away unbundled tree limbs, appliances that use chemicals that could be dangerous, hazardous materials, or items requiring special disposal - such as oils, paints, and tires.

The City will collect bulk trash on Monday, but workers may be able to pick up extra trash on their regular route, whatever they say can safely be put in the packer truck without causing it damage. If you wish to dispose of any unwieldy, unwanted items, the deadline is April 6 - it will be removed on April 7. Those items off limits for garbage collection this week, can be disposed of at the McMahon Auditorium.

Three more days to kick your unwanted junk to the curb - be sure and set it out by Sunday, April 6.