Check out your favorite Dancing with the Y star in action

Lawton_Five local celebrities and their professional partners took a spin around the dance floor for the first ever "Dancing With The Y Stars" competition. The dance-off raised nearly 12-hundred dollars for the YMCA so they can expand their facility.

You see him every night on the anchor desk, but I bet you didn't know he had legs, and moves too! Our own David Bradley put on his dancing shoes to benefit the Lawton YMCA. "It was tough because she's a good teacher but she's a hard teacher," Bradley said. "Abusive, verbally, physically, I have the bruises to prove it. But I deserved it, enjoyed it at times. But it paid off out there on the floor tonight, I think everybody saw that."

Along with him, four other local celebrities took their turn on the dance floor. "It's amazing how your hips will wiggle we you add music to it!" said Nancy Mace with Oldies 107.

Yolanda Allen and her dancing partner Cynthia Sosa were so excited they were talking over each other. "Yeah, we're really close friends-" "she acted like a big sister, I was like be quiet, that's not how it goes, that's not how the dance goes-" "and we fought over clothes, what to wear and things like that."

"I thought, I was never dancing, I'm quitting, I don't have to do this!" said Carl Rankin, the YMCA Director. "Thought I'd give it one more chance, and all of the sudden it just popped. I had rhythm I didn't even know I had."

But it was realtor Jay Kinder who took home both the championship and the people's choice award. "That's what I told her," Kinder said, "I have concrete blocks for feet, so you've got a lot to work with."

Now there were some accusations of stacking the crowd so partners could win the people's choice award. "I think Jay Kinder had his entire selling team here," Mace said. But a minute later in the interview she said, "I sent out e-mails to all the oldies 107.3 listeners, and told them to come out and support us!"

But we weren't innocent either, as 7 News Nightside reporter Elaina Rusk encouraged viewers to vote for David Bradley during our 6 p.m. broadcast. "And of course, if you can't see the dancing, we all know you're going to vote for David Bradley anyway, so that's alright."