Get nursing home ratings online

Lawton_As our parents and grandparents age, they often need help that adult children can't always provide.  We want to make sure they receive the best long-term healthcare available.

The Oklahoma Health Care Authority has a new web site that helps people find that information.  It's part of a program designed to ensure elderly care facilities meet healthcare standards - and even improve them.  With the click of a computer mouse, family members can determine which facilities offer the best care for loved ones.

Director of Nurses Registered Nurse Monica Christon says the website - - guides users to determine what to expect if their services are ever needed.  "They can make a decision so they can be informed," she says.  "It's very important.  We want you to have an informed decision when you bring your family members here."

For example:  How do residents of any particular facility feel about where they're living?  What is the turnover rate of the nursing staff?  What is the quality facility's overall medical care?  All visitors to the site have to do is select a city.  The site will provide a list of facilities in the area, and another click leads the user to the results.

Cedar Crest Manor resident Mary Sanmann had a lot of choices, but found Cedar Crest to be best for her.  "I just love living here - it's a second home," she says.  "I made an excellent choice when I picked Cedar Crest."

The Nursing Home Ratings program also gives facilities additional incentive to improve their services since better scores leads to more funding from the state.  It's just another tool to help adult children of aging parents' lives a little bit easier.