Burglar caught in act of stealing drugs at Comanche Pharmacy

Comanche_A Rush Springs man broke into a pharmacy to steal some pills Sunday in Stephens County, but quickly found himself trapped.  Police say 35-year-old Dustin Lemons used a hammer to tear a hole in the roof of the Comanche Pharmacy, and they say Lemons then stumbled through the second floor paneling of a wall, and almost fell all the way through the ceiling.  The situation worsened from there - once Lemon finally descended into the pharmacy, he tripped the alarm which alerted police.

Bill Baker has been a pharmacist at for 25 years, and says he has never experienced an incident like this.  When police arrived at the pharmacy to find out what tripped the motion activated alarm, they saw Lemons inside.  "The officer ordered him to show his hands, and then approach and get on the floor, and that's what he did.  He cooperated with the officer, says Comanche Police Officer Mike Jones.

When the burglar entered the pharmacy through the roof, all of the doors were still locked.  Police say they had to wait for the pharmacy owner to arrive with the key.  "When I got here, there were probably 5 or 6 police cars, one highway patrol," says Baker.  "They were standing at the door with the weapons drawn, and there was a man inside on the floor."

Baker gave the police his keys and stayed back while they arrested Lemons.  Police say Lemon told them that he has a drug problem that he is trying to address.  "He had taken some of the pills that he had found, so as a precaution we took him to Duncan Regional Hospital and had him checked out," says Jones.

After police cleared the area, Baker entered the store where he found only a broken cough medicine bottle, and nerve pills.  "I started looking, and there were many things that were taken off the shelf, and we actually found them right here by this table," he says.  "He had ducked down behind that table I guess when the police came to the front door, and he had stuffed them all right there.  He had also left a trail of bottles all the way to the other back room, and there were a couple of things back there, too."

Lemons targeted nerve pills such as Xanax, diet pills, and painkillers that contain hyrodcodone, such as Lortab and Oxycontin.  "Looked to me like he had started, you know, just in the A's and gone all the way down the shelves, and just things that he was familiar with - he pulled," says Baker.  He says he's very pleased with the response of the alarm and the police department.  Comanche Police say this is the first attempted pharmacy burglary they've dealt with in years.

Baker has owned the building since 1949, and says there have been five or six break-ins previously.  But he says this is the first incident in over a decade.