UPDATE: 5 suspects arrested, 4 charged, in connection with assault on 2 soldiers

Lawton_On Monday, a high-speed chase in Lawton ended with five suspects landing behind bars.  An investigation into a robbery over the weekend, and assault of two Fort Sill soldiers was the cause of the dramatic high-speed pursuit.  19-year-old Seco Monique Gibson, and 19-year-old Tychance Martin, were each charged with two counts of robbery with a weapon, and  22-year-old Daimar McCrary, and 23-year-old Ba-Shan McCrary, were each charged with two counts of robbery with a firearm.  Judge Ken Harris set their bonds at $200,000 each.  Their preliminary hearing is set for June 23, at 1:30 p.m., before Judge Harris.

On Saturday, E-3 Ahmed Fofahah says he and a fellow soldier were at a party when three armed men came into the home, beat them up, robbed them, and forced them to strip.

On Monday, while Fafahah was leading police to where the attack happened, they saw the suspects.  The suspects gave chase, leading police through downtown Lawton where they eventually forced the suspects' car off the road.  Five people have been arrested in connection with the assault on the soldiers.

The two soldiers didn't know where the house was located since they had been passengers driven to the address this weekend.  On Monday, Fofanah went with police to try and find where it all happened.  Then is when he recognized his attackers who tried to escape in their car.  Fort Sill soldier Ahmed Fofanah wishes the entire assault hadn't happened.  "I wish I was never...I wish I would've stayed on post this weekend - this would have never happened if I would have done that," he said.

Fofanah says he and fellow soldier Myron Jones were out to have some fun on Saturday night at a party.  But, when three men with guns entered the house, the fun quickly ended.  "They came straight at me and hit me in the face with it [the gun], and then they hit my friend in the temple," he says.  Fofanah was left with bruises and stitches, and Jones was hospitalized.

Both men were robbed and stripped, but since neither had driven to the party, they weren't sure where the house was located when telling police of their ordeal.  Since they didn't know that address, police couldn't make an arrest - which is why Fofanah went with them to attempt to locate the house.

Fofanah says the other soldier, Myron Jones, is stable, but still in critical condition.  He says doctors are going to take him off the ventilator so he can begin to breathe on his own.  "I'm just happy I'm alive, and I'm happy my friend is still breathing you know? Like I said, I hope you all pray for him so he can come through this okay."

The weapons used in the assault have not been recovered, and although police say they did recover some items from the vehicle, they have not been identified as belonging to the victims.  Count on 7News to keep you updated.