Rate your doctor at www.ratemds.com

Lawton_There is a web site where you can rate your doctor!  All you have to do is log on to www.ratemds.com and you will have the ability to give your doctor a checkup of your own.  Doctors in Lawton and Duncan have been rated on the web site, and they say they feel pretty positively about it.  They say it's helpful for patients since most have a sense of what qualities they're looking for when doctor shopping, and this site gives them a chance to review a physician before a visit.

Rating sites are taking the internet by storm; you can rate your professor, police officers, your boss, and even your neighbor.  But, www.ratemds.com may prove to be the most invaluable.  "I think overall most people are going to take the process seriously, and they're going to try to reflect what they think are important features of somebody that they rely on," says Doctor of Internal Medicine Brian Birdwell.

The web site may not have quite caught on yet, some doctors in the area didn't even know they had been rated.  "Well I was surprised, I didn't know about this," says Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Dr. Stephen Snell.  "This is an interesting new item on the scene.  Not knowing about it, I got on the internet and looked and pulled up some of the local physicians, and it was very  nice to see what patients had said."

Dr. Birdwell was happy to hear he has a positive rating.  "You know, ask any teacher where their students are rating them, it's a little bit iffy, people can say whatever they want to," he says.  "So, naturally it's nice to see it come out well."

Dr. Snell has three "perfect" ratings.  Words used to describe him were - patient, understanding, compassionate, and very knowledgeable.  But, even though his results are good, some other doctor's ratings aren't.  "It can be negative for some doctors, and I think if that were the case then maybe it would be a learned portal in the internet for the physicians to see what has been say to remedy that," says Snell.

Dr. Johnny Duncan also has a perfect score.  "I am surprised, but I'm very happy," he says.  "It pleases me that my patients felt that I give them good care."

There are other sites that allow you to not only rate your doctor, but any health care provider.  There is www.healthgrades.com or www.ratemydoctor.com, but www.ratemds.com seems to be the most personal.