Semi tips over after roads become slick with rain

Lawton_Heavy rainfall in Texoma has created dangerous situations for drivers.  Although there haven't been any reports of major road flooding, the rain has come so hard and fast that many roads have quickly become saturated.  Streets have become slick, and police say road conditions led to a tractor trailer crash on I-44 Wednesday afternoon.

On Ferris, near Lawton High School, is an area prone to flooding.  The road dips in one spot, and it doesn't take long for the water to build up.  The other problem in that area is that the drainage canal can fill up quickly, and in the evening came just a couple of inches from overflowing.  Luckily, our area started to catch a break from the heavy rain so the waters could recede.

But, right around lunch hour in Lawton, two major thoroughfares came to a standstill on I-44 Southbound.  Police say a tractor trailer driver was rounding a curve just south of Cache Road, when he lost control and overturned.  'He was probably travelling a little too fast for the roadway," says Lawton Police Lt. Tom Crawford.  "When it initially starts raining, the roads get pretty slick from oil and gas residue, and once the trailer started fishtailing, he lost control."

Fortunately, the driver escaped without any injuries, and was able to walk away.  In addition to the wreckage on the roadway, firefighters were met another obstacle - oil and diesel from the semi leaked onto the roadway.  "We're trying to make sure the oil and the fuel does not get down into the waterways, and then our third cause here is to make sure we get enough oil up with the rain to make sure it is not slick and causes another accident later," said Lawton Firefighter Jay Head.  The clean up turned out to be a big job.  Authorities had to call in a hazardous materials crew from Oklahoma City to help.

Another driver on East Gore Boulevard ran off the road Wednesday morning, and hit a guide wire to the traffic light in front of the Comanche Nation Casino.  Police say it was a hit and run, and although the driver left the scene initially, she returned to tell authorities what happened.

It was a long wet day began to wind down for Lawton Police.  The I-44 southbound lane opened to traffic at about 5:30 p.m., and the drainage canals are receding.