Road workers work to repair flood damage in remote areas

Lawton_Lawton's roads were hit hard by flooding in several locations on Wednesday, but Comanche County got slammed too.  In the western district, small creeks near the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge flood nearly every time there's a storm.

Near Meers Porter Hill Road and Robinson's Landing, Mike McCollum says a bridge there is overtaken by floodwaters all the time.  He says the bridge was under water Thursday morning, and dead trees and debris made it not passable.

Nearly 20 road closed signs were up in the western district of Comanche County as many small creeks waterlogged and overflowed.  Road Foreman Darvin Smith says remote areas are far dangerous than flooded sites within the city because of lack of visibility.  He says drivers don't heed warnings and take their chances on driving through flooded areas.  One driver was under water to top of his truck.  It was so bad, he had to sit on top of the cab of his vehicle until help arrived.

Smith says it's best to avoid flooded areas, since you can never know what lies beneath.  County workers toiled beginning at 1 a.m. to try to make roads safe.  More troubled areas may take them more than a month to repair, but others should be open within a few days.  In the eastern district of Comanche County, about six roads are closed, along with several bridges.  Parts of eastern Bishop, Coombs, and Townley roads are closed for repairs as well.  Please avoid this areas while driving.