Grady County Deputy Sheriff William Swanson enters plea

Grady County_From the District Attorney's Office_Grady County Sheriff's Deputy William Swanson was found guilty in Grady County District Court for the crime of Willful Neglect of Duty.   Pursuant to a plea agreement with the State, Swanson pled no contest to the charges. Special Judge Ken Harris found him guilty of failing to follow his oath as a Deputy Sheriff by allowing illegal gambling activities to occur in his presence.

Deputy Swanson was a Captain, which made him the third highest ranking member of Sheriff Kieran McMullen's administration. Harris placed Swanson on probation for 6 months.  Swanson resigned from the Sheriff's Office and will not be allowed to be a certified peace officer for two (2) years.

Swanson's arrest and prosecution stemmed from the ABLE Commission raid on the Chickasha Elks Lodge in August of 2006.  Swanson is the second defendant to be found guilty in relation to the corruption offenses.  Police Officer Jerry Tyler pled guilty to Neglect of Duty and Peace Officer engaged in Illegal Gambling in February of 2007.

Oklahoma's Multi-County Grand Jury also Indicted Sheriff Kieran McMullen, former Chickasha Police Officer Helen McMullen and Deputy Robert Cacy for the same corruption charges.  Their cases have been postponed repeatedly and are currently set for jury trial in August of 2008.