CCMH honored as one of safest hospitals in the US

Lawton_Comanche County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) is one of the safest in the country, and on Monday, Comanche County Commissioners honored Memorial Hospital for that achievement. "Health Grades" is the nation's leading health care ratings company, and it has ranked CCMH in the top 5% for patient safety.

Commissioner Ron Kirby read the proclamation aloud and presented it to CEO Randy Segler, and Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, Pat Henry. "I'm extremely proud, and this goes to show that Comanche County Memorial Hospital is not only one of the top hospitals in the entire state, but indeed the entire nation," said Kirby.

Health Grades measures thirteen different areas of patient safety - ranging from lack of bedsores to infections, from ability to diagnose to avoidance of excessive bruising or bleeding. CCMH was a top performer in every category.

CEO Randy Segler says CCMH's success is in large part due to teamwork - the workers themselves say so too. Doctors, Nurses, and people behind the scenes all contribute - it takes a little bit from everyone. "Actually it takes all of us together as a team to work for an environment that is really patient-safety oriented," says Jo Anne Knecht, Senior Director of Operations.

Segler says the hospital's success is because of the employees and volunteers who take pride in doing their very best. "They're wonderful, they do great work every day, and they're so dedicated to the people of Southwest Oklahoma," says Segler. "You know, it's because of them. They're following the procedures and the protocol, and taking care of - really truly caring for - the people that got this award."

Linda Leith is in charge of nursing and is one of the employees that Segler speaks of. "I identify with that nurse at the bedside, and that's the person I think of when I think of this award, because those are the folks who are hands on, taking care of those patients 24-7," she says. It's that care that gives people of Southwest Oklahoma the confidence that they are getting the treatment that they depend on.

Out of nearly 5,000 hospitals across the country, only about 250 received this award. The Health Grades study was based on three years of data, and it's the largest of its kind. The study also discovered that, on average, patients treated in these top-performing hospitals were 43% less likely to experience a medical error.