Man brutally attacked over fifty cents

Altus_A man was brutally attacked by three men after leaving an Altus convenience store. Police say Gazper Shears walked out of the Dixie Quick Stop on Ridgecrest Road on Tuesday night, only to find three men waiting for him. The men asked Shears for money - but didn't wait for it. Before he could respond, they attacked him - all over fifty cents.

Police say the men who attacked Shears didn't use weapons - only their fists. But, for the victim, fists were enough. Shears had stopped into the store for a pack of cigarettes, but got more than he expected. "I've been going over there before you know but nothing ever happened," he says.

At around 10 p.m. surveillance video caught three black men entering the store. The video shows Shears enter the store, and purchase his pack of cigarettes. As he makes his purchase, his three attackers leave the building. 'They were outside, and that's when one of them guys jumped me," says Shears.

Altus Police Captain Michael Turner says the three men in the video are Shear's attackers. "They had asked him for some money, and before he could produce the money, they assaulted him," says Turner. The attack left Shears with several stitches in his lip. He says the store's clerk ran outside to break up the attack. . "When she came out of the store, that's when they ran," says Shears.

He says if it weren't for the store clerk, it would have been much worse. He says what he can't understand is why the three men attacked him over such a small amount of money.

Shears says if it weren't for her, it would have been much worse. What he can't understand is why it happened over such a small amount of money. "They was asking for some money, you know, asked me if I had 50 cents." But, the criminals didn't even get the fifty cents. "The money that the victim was going to give them, they actually recovered at the scene," says Turner.

Police say the men left the scene on foot, and although an officer recognized one of the suspects, they do not yet have any names. If you know any of the men involved in this attack, call Altus Crimestoppers at 580-482-TIPS. If you give information that leads to an arrest, you could earn a cash reward.