Lawton support group helps homicide survivors sort through struggles

Lawton_On Wednesday, the Lawton Homicide Survivors Group remembered their loved ones with a candlelight vigil and balloon release. Birgit Smith organizes the support group. 7News was able to speak with another survivor - Gabby Lamb.

It has been one year since Gabby's husband was shot and killed at the Fox Valley Apartments, but his memory remains vivid. "We had so many good memories," she says. "He was the greatest father you could ever ask for, he was a great provider and a great husband. He was the love of my life." Last year, cab driver Johnny Lamb went to pick up a customer, but instead of picking up a fare, he encountered a criminal - the customer robbed, and murdered him.

Although Gabby saw some justice when Delarenta Burton plead guilty earlier this year, she says it's impossible to get past what happened. "Johnny will never be able to hug his children, or his children hug their daddy," she says. "They'll never be able to do that again. All we've got to look at is the pile of dirt - a grave."

But, there is a light in the darkness for Gabby. She says the one thing that helps her get by every day is the Lawton Homicide Survivors support group. She says the group has her heart. "I didn't know where to go," she says. "I was standing there, and there were all kinds of roads. I didn't know which one to go on, and that's when the Homicide Victims' Survivors Group came in. They just took me by the hand, and they said, 'You are going to be better.'"

Now, Gabby urges anyone who is suffering the loss of a loved one through homicide, to join this group. "It is the best move you can ever make - it is," she says. "We're there, we re nonprofit, so everything we do, we do it from the heart."

If you would like information on how you can join this group, contact Birgid Smith at 580-248-1713.