Cache woman attacked for third time in own home

Cache_Someone has attacked and robbed a Cache woman three times in her own home. The most recent attack was on Friday. Deborah Tipps came home during lunch, and a robber wearing a ski mask followed her into her home where he ordered her to give him money from her purse. Deborah didn't give him the money- this time she retaliated. "When she was digging in her purse, she pulled out a bottle of mace...maced him," says her son, Chris. "It wasn't enough to stop him.  They still fought." Deborah's attacker stabbed her with a hunting knife, and took off with some cash.

Deborah declined to be interviewed, but her son Chris told 7News of her ordeal. Despite everything she has been through, she is doing okay. Her son says she had a minor concussion, and some small stab wounds to her side. Mentally, Deborah is shaken up.   "She is very scared right now," says Chris. "This is the third time something like this has happened. She's scared to be in this town.  She's scared to be in this residence."

The first assault happened in March, 2006, when someone hit Deborah over the head with a rock, and robbed her. 7News brought you the story of Deborah's second assault last July when her assailant hog-tied and robbed her in her own backyard. That assault was so severe, Deborah had to undergo surgery, and after having recovered for just over a month - she was assaulted for the third time. "She was stuck several times," says Chris. "Not deeply, but in the rib cage, when he was trying to get the money - to threaten her I suppose."

Chris is afraid Deborah was a target because someone saw her leaving the bank on her lunch break, it's something he wishes authorities would have considered sooner. "They do have security cameras, but she wasn't asked until earlier today what bank she went to," says Chris. "It happened Friday, and three days away they're just now asking questions." And one of the other attacks happened at about the same time of day.

After the latest attack, Chris says they installed an alarm system. "But the last time the alarm went off, the department s response time was over an hour," he says. The Cache Police Department says they are doing all they can, but Chris doesn't think it's enough. "It s scares me to death every day," he says. "My frustration is [that] this is the third time something like this - of this nature - has happened.

Chris Tipps left a message at the police department early on Sunday morning because he would like to speak with an officer. But, he says no one has returned his call so far. The Cache Police Department says the incident is an ongoing investigation, and the suspect is a white male. If you have any information, call the Cache Police at 580-429-3289.