Bobbi Parker makes court appearance in Greer County

Greer County_The wife of a former deputy warden at Granite Reformatory, Bobbi Parker, appeared in a Greer County Courthouse Monday, facing charges of helping convicted murderer Randolph Dial escape from the Oklahoma State Reformatory at Granite in 1994. Parker spent ten years on the run with Dial.

Parker's husband, Randy, was the Deputy Warden at Granite when Dial escaped. On Monday, Parker was arraigned in Greer County District Court, and released on a $10,000 bond. Parker has been with her family in McAlester for the last three years, anticipating whether or not charges would be filed against her, and Monday was the first time she has been back in the area since leaving with Dial in 1994.

Bobbi Parker's father-in-law, Jerry Parker, says he and his family will support Bobbi, even though her disappearance took a huge toll on them. "Regardless of what comes out, everyone of us is behind her 100 percent," he said. "For ten years we never heard a word, never could put a closure to it. I, myself, thought she was dead."

Dial said he had kidnapped Parker and forced her to live with him. However, the charges say the two were romantically involved - Parker's family says they don't believe it. "I can't hardly believe there would be, myself.  I can't believe anything like that," Jerry said. On the other hand, District Attorney John Wampler says the evidence his office has collected proves, in fact, that the two were romantically involved.  Despite how hard it has been on his family, Jerry says that for the family to have closure, this court proceeding is necessary.

The charge against Bobbi Parker was filed three years to the day authorities found her and Dial working at a chicken farm in Texas. The DA narrowly avoided the three-year limit on filing charges, and Wampler says the reason it took so long was because they wanted to make sure the Dial case was complete.   Judge David Deaver, who presided over Monday's arraignment, was the original Assistant District Attorney who filed charges against Dial for his escape. Deaver may recuse himself from the case.  Count on 7News to continue coverage of this case.