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Dr. Sanjiv Kaul, D.O.

Lawton's trash rules changing again?

Lawton_Lawton's trash rules may be changing again. Although the new rules were put in place this January, the Lawton City Council brought the issue back to the table last month. They say the new rules are confusing people. However, after bringing the issue back, all the council accomplished by the end of the meeting was an assignment of a special committee to reevaluate the trash rules.

The City Council says they believe it's the math that is confusing Lawton residents. When the trash collector comes to dispose of garbage, they are authorized to collect either three 35-gallon trash cans worth of garbage, or six bags of garbage, or any combination of the two - and, nothing can weigh over 75-pounds per bag or can.

But, it's not just the math that's causing some chaos - it's the mess. Those who choose to put out bags of trash may be more vulnerable to messes caused by dogs and animals scavenging for food. Council Member Jay Burk was on the special committee, and says all four members of the committee made the decision to do away with the new rules and start from scratch.

Tune in to 7News at 10 p.m. to find out what the council has decided - Is a change in order? What will the new rules be?

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