Lawton trash rules change again

Lawton_The new trash rules the city put in place in January changed again Tuesday night. A month ago city council brought the issue back to the table, saying people were too confused with the new regulations for those not on the automated system. But all council accomplished by the end of that meeting was to assign a special committee to look into new options for trash pick up. That committee was back Tuesday night with their recommendation, saying their best option was to start from scratch, and pick up everything people put out, to a certain extent.

"The situation we have is not the greatest situation, and picking it all up is not the greatest idea," said City Councilmember Jay Burk, Ward 4. "But we've always picked it up. And so now to say that we're not going to pick it up because you don't have the new can yet, or we want to put specific rules on your area, that's not right. That's just not right."

City council's new solution to the trash troubles around Lawton, just pick it all up now, until every neighborhood is on the automated cart system. Now you can use any size can, as long as it weighs less than 75 pounds. You can throw away any amount of household trash, in any amount of cans or bags. But you are still only allowed six bags of yard waste. You can also throw out empty boxes now, but they ask that you break them down and make sure they can't blow away.

Not all the council members agreed this solution was fair. "One of the streets in my ward, you have carts on one side, and trashcans on the other, facing each other," said City Councilmember Randy Warren, Ward 8. "One group is forced to have 96 gallons and no boxes, the rest of the area their trash has to be pristine. Across the street, the guy is going to be able to have 14 cans of garbage as long as each one weighs less than 75 pounds. And if that's the solution to this, this is crazy. There's no way that that's a solution."  However, that was the solution they decided on.

You still can't put out bulk items, and if you do, they'll leave a warning. If it's still there on your next trash pick up day, they'll bring out a special truck to pick it up, and charge $110 dollars to your water bill for that service.

The new rules will go into effect in one month. Until then, follow the rules put into place in January: you can put out three 35-gallon cans, or 6 bags, or any combination of the two.

Remember, if your neighborhood has already been converted to the automated cart system, these new rules don't apply to you. Your rule is: if it doesn't fit in the cart, they won't pick it up.