Group of women beat, rob couple in south Lawton

Lawton_A bizarre beating and robbery happened in a south Lawton neighborhood when a man pulled up to his house, where he was confronted by three women who claimed he hit their car. The women demanded money for the damage, and when the victim refused since there had been no wreck, the robbers attacked the two men in the car.

One victim was beaten, one was robbed, and police are convinced the robbers used the confrontation as a way to corner their victims and rob them. The victims' neighbor says the woman was pretty banged up, and the man had some scratches on his face. But, another woman was the worst. Police say they all have minor injuries.

Neighbor Deborah Pickert lives directly behind the people who police say were beaten up and robbed. She says she's shocked, and this crime is going to change the way she lives. "If I hear any commotion, I m going to call the cops, basically," she says. "It's still kinda freaky knowing it happened, like, right out front."

Pickert didn't hear or see anything, but Lawton Police say up to ten people beat and robbed the victims right in front of their home. Police say the suspects are: Chris Pasley, Laquita Nash, and Franchasia. All are in jail arrested for robbery by force or fear. Police found them in a white Chevy suburban on Wisconsin Street. "There was some blood on the white vehicle that was collected," says Captain Will Hines. He says he believes the incident was a random act of violence. "I don t think these people were targeted," he says. "They happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and they [the robbers] thought they d be easy victims."

Police are still looking for a female and two males who may have driven away in a red Pontiac Grand Am. "I have full confidence Detective Peralta will find these people. The ones he has in jail right now he is familiar with, he's had dealings with them before," says Hines. The three women will likely be arraigned on Thursday. Police say the women are no strangers to the justice system - they have all had past run-ins with the law. If you have any information about this crime, or have seen a female or two other male suspects who you think may have been involved in this robbery, please call Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO.