Semi turns over on what truckers say is dangerous road

Comanche County_A semi went off the road in west Comanche County on Wednesday, flipping onto its side and spilling all of its cargo. It isn't the first time a truck has turned over in the very same spot on Deyo Mission Road. Comanche County authorities say at least three trucks have overturned on Deyo Mission in the last year, and truckers say the road is bad. However, the county says it isn't - in fact, they say it's in great condition.

7News investigated and brought a photographer to see what truckers are up against, but the road is too dangerous for a photographer to maneuver safely enough to broadcast live. The county says that while the road is up to standard code, it wasn't built to handle a lot of heavy traffic. But, truck drivers say that Deyo Mission Road can be perilous to drive on because it has narrow shoulders and steep drop offs.

Trucker Dale Davis says he looked away from the road for just a second when the front passenger-side tires of his tractor left the pavement. He says that while he was able to get his truck on the road, he wasn't so lucky with the trailer. "When the trailer went, it took my tractor with it and that's all it wrote," he said. All 49,000 pounds of his cargo - huge rolls of paper - spilled out onto the side of the road. Luckily, no one was hurt, but Davis says Deyo Mission Road is to blame for the wreck. "They need to widen it out more," he said.

This isn't the first wreck this road has seen, either. The pavement is scarred from previous semi's hitting the uneven road and flipping over. There is even debris remaining from another accident that occurred nearly a year ago when another paper truck spilled its cargo - in exactly the same spot. The county says the road is up to code for standard vehicles, however, they say it wasn't built as a truck route.

While the county would like to widen the road, they say they don't even have the funds to fix roads and bridges damaged in last year's flooding. So, until then, their advice is to pay attention, slow down and buckle up.

The county is trying to find solutions to the problem, and one possibility they are looking into is to have BRAC funding contribute tot the cost of repairing roads in the county.