Semi crashes into Lawton family's yard

Lawton_A semi crashed into a Lawton family's backyard on Friday, and it's not the first time it has happened.  Less than two years ago, a truck crashed right into their house.

On Friday morning, at 82nd and Chelsey Drive, Lawton police were determining whether it was a truck or the semi that was at fault for crashing into the yard, but aside from the damage to the fence, no one was injured in the wreck.  Luckily no one was at home when it happened.

Lawton police say there isn't anything dangerous about the intersection, and the wreck is just a freak accident that happened to occur twice.  The only citation written was to the driver of the semi, and police say they still aren't quite sure what happened.

The fence belongs to Lawton's Director of Parks and Recreation Kim Shahan.  In June of 2006, he was home when a truck crashed into his house.  He was reading near the window and was able to escape injury by jumping out of the way as a truck came barreling into his living room.

The investigation is ongoing, and Lawton police have been reenacting how the crash could have happened.  Lawton Police Officer Richard Wallace even brought in his mentor from the Great Plains Technology Center for a second opinion.  "He went over with me what I had already thought," he says.  "I also had my partner, the other motorcycle officer, out here - we're both accident investigators.  I just tried to cover all sides of it."

The only citation that has been issued was given to the driver of the semi, and it may change after the investigation is complete.  Both drivers were in the Northbound Lane on 82nd at the point of impact.  Police closed down a portion of 82nd Street for a few hours during the investigation.

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