Jury selected for trial of teen accused of first degree murder

Lawton_Lawton teen Timie Williams appeared in court on Monday on murder charges.  He is accused of the shooting death of Ralph Roe.  Williams' last trial was in January, and ended when the jury couldn't reach a verdict.  Police say Roe was shot and killed during a botched robbery attempt at a Lawton apartment complex at 24th and Williams.

Authorities say Roe was trying to buy drugs from Williams in July, 2006, and the first degree murder trial continues on Tuesday.  Roe was shot in the arm, and the bullet entered his chest.  He died later that night.  In the first trial, the medical examiner said Roe was within four feet of the gun when he was shot.

Witnesses say they saw 16-year-old Williams near Roe when shots were fired, but none of them saw Williams pull the trigger.  Williams, now 18, is being tried as a youthful offender.

On Monday, the prosecution and defense selected the jury to hear the case.  The first trial's verdict split the jury 8-4, and was declared a mistrial.  Murder cases must be decided upon unanimously for a verdict to stand.  The trial continues on Tuesday, and 7News will keep you updated with the latest from the Comanche County Courthouse.