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Lawton man shot at on paper delivery route

Lawton_A Lawton man delivering newspapers was shot at early Tuesday morning.  It happened just after 1 a.m. at the Pine Terrace Apartments off of Gore Blvd. in Lawton. 

When Patrick Kite dropped off his last paper at the complex, he says three black men approached his car and threatened him.  He says that after he drove off, shots were fired.  No one was hurt, but police are still looking for the suspects.

Kite has more than 200 homes to visit to deliver papers to, so he has to get an early start to ensure subscribers get their papers delivered before the workday begins.  Tuesday afternoon he says he's not sure what to do, because he wishes he hadn't delivered papers at all on his route on Tuesday morning. 

Kite says that as he was delivering his last paper at the apartment complex, he saw a man in an upstairs apartment watching him.  "He whistles at me, and I pay no attention to him," says Kite.  "I'm thinking, he's probably whistling at one of his buddies to get them to come out of the apartment, or something."  Then, Kite says he saw two more men in the parking lot. 

After he delivered his last paper, he says he got into his car to leave, along with three friends, that is when he says the men approached his car, cursing at him.  "I said, ‘Just drive.  Don't pay attention, just drive,'" Kite says.  Kite says that is when the shots were fired.  "He leaned down on one knee and took three shots at our car," says Kite.  The apartment manager says a resident called to complain of gunfire.

Kite says he and his friends made it to the Stripe's on 45th and Lee, where they called police.  The men asked for an escort so they could finish their route.  Kite says that as they were waiting inside the convenience store for their escort, a familiar person entered the store.  "The guy that actually took the shots at us same into the stripes," says Kite. 

Police say they are investigating Kite's claim, and don't have any strong leads.  They are reviewing the footage from the Stripe's that Kite says the shooter entered.  Kite says he thinks it may have been a gang initiation.  "It's not worth throwing a 50-cent newspaper every day to someone to lose my life." 

If you have any information regarding this incident, call Lawton Crimestoppers at 580-355-INFO.

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