Testimony begins in re-trial of Lawton teen

Lawton_Testimony in the trial of a Lawton teen accused of first-degree murder began on Tuesday.  18-year-old Timie Williams stands accused of killing 43-year-old Ralph Roe in July, 2006.

On Monday, the prosecution and defense selected the jury for the case.

This is Williams' second trial for this case.  His first court appearance for the murder, in January, resulted in a mistrial when the jury's decision was split.

A drug dealer testified that he gave Williams a gun after Williams had asked him for a 'burner' - a gun - just minutes before the shooting.  He said Williams told him he was going to 'hit a lick' - rob someone.  He said he got the gun back later - however, not from Williams - and sold the gun in Oklahoma City to get rid of it.  The drug dealer is being charged with accessory to murder.  Another witness testified that he was purchasing drugs from the dealer at the same time, and saw the dealer give Williams a gun.

The prosecution also called to the stand a woman who was in Roe's pickup truck during the shooting.  Roe was shot in the arm while getting into his truck, then drove away.  The bullet entered Roe's arm, went through to his chest, and he died later than night.

The woman in Roe's truck says he was trying to purchase some drugs, and saw Roe arguing with a black teen before he was shot.  However, she said she wasn't sure if Williams was the same teen she saw.  Neither she nor the drug dealer saw Williams shoot Roe.  They both heard a single gunshot, and a bullet casing was found at the scene.  In the first trial, an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation weapons examiner said the shell casing matched the gun belonging to the drug dealer.

The first-degree murder trial will continue on Wednesday, and you can count on 7News to keep you updated.