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Peeping Tom distressing Lawton neighbors

Lawton_Neighbors in the 1500 block of Northwest Arlington in Lawton say they are sick of dealing with a "Peeping Tom", and they say they know who he is.  They've caught him looking in their windows countless times. Now, they're trying to catch him in the act and hold him long enough for police to arrive.  If they do, then they'll have the chance to file charges.

There have been reports filed, and the suspect has been in jail in the past.  However, most of the reports filed have been citizen complaints - no one has filed charges.  "It's kind of like living in a fishbowl almost," says Kara Calderon.  "Because even though you're supposed to feel safe in your house, I feel like we're being watched."

Calderon and her husband had to put tin foil on their son's windows after they caught the man looking in numerous times.  They even purchased wider blinds to make it even more difficult to see inside.  Calderon says she remembers one incident when her family was playing in the pool in the backyard.  "I had this really weird feeling that we were being watched," she says.  "And as I turned around to look, the neighbor was standing on his tip toes watching us over the fence."

One of the suspect's arrests occurred after a neighbor caught him looking in on Calderon's sister while she changed clothes, and across the street, Vanessa White was in her kitchen when she caught him peering in her neighbor's window.  Her husband ran outside and held him down until police got there.

White says it's bad enough that adults have to deal with the peeping, now it's affecting his stepson too.  "For two years now, there's a 7 year old child scared to go in his own room because of him [the suspect] looking through his window."  His concern is that the peeping could elevate to something worse.  He's worried that is what it will take to get some justice.  "Nothing's going to change until he takes it to the next level," says White.  "His next high will be actually grabbing somebody."

It's even changed the way they live.  "Every morning when I get up at 4 a.m., the first thing I do - after I do the normal morning thing - I go outside and make sure he ain't around."  Calderon says she doesn't even feel comfortable taking her son into her own backyard.  She also says she is eight and a half months pregnant, and hate that she has to endure this.  Calderon is in the middle of remodeling her children's rooms, and once she is finished, she says the tin foil will be going right back up.

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