Duncan man dies after stab wound to neck, police search for suspect

Duncan_Duncan Police say they think they know who is responsible for a stabbing death there early on Friday morning.  26-year-old Jonathan Ball was killed at around 1 a.m. at 203 West Maple Avenue.  He was stabbed once, in the neck, and bled to death.

Duncan police say witnesses identified 33-year-old Dale Lee Jones as the man who stabbed Ball, and now they are on the hunt.  They say that Jones goes by the street name "D-Ray," and has been arrested before.  But, they say they still haven't found him, or the knife used to murder Ball.

Authorities say they found Ball's body lying in the road on Maple Avenue, where they say he was stabbed.  They say it happened next to the porch, and Ball made his way out of the yard's gate, before collapsing.  "I don't think he was doing anything other than reeling from the blow and dealing with the fact that he was losing a large amount of blood - trying to get away apparently," says Duncan Police Lieutenant Jimmy Williams.

According to police, a call was received at 1:10 a.m. from someone in the neighborhood.  "We had some people walking down the roadway, [they] glanced over and saw a white male lying in the middle of the road," says Williams.  "They saw an amount of blood and were afraid that someone had been shot."

Police say a witness saw Ball and another person approach the house.  The witness said there was an argument, and someone was punched.  Another witness identified the person that had been punched as Jones, as he was running down the street.  The witness saw Jones grab a knife that Ball was in possession of, and stab him in the neck before running away.

Investigators searched for the knife in yards and a nearby field, using rakes and a search dog.  They say they also drained a storm drain ditch, in the event the suspect may have tossed the knife underwater.  "The investigative unit is following some leads, and patrol division is out chasing some down as well," says Williams.  "We've got several good leads we're following up on and we anticipate, hopefully, finding him before too long."

Neighbors say that police raided the same house, where Ball's body was found lying in the street, two months ago as part of a drug bust.  They say a new black Cadillac Escalade regularly visits the house, and did so as recently as two days ago.  Neighbors say the driver spends about five minutes inside the vehicle, and then leaves.  They say they think drugs and gangs are involved.  However, police say otherwise.  "It's definitely nothing to do with gang activity," says Williams.  "Whether or not drug activity was involved, there's nothing to directly indicate that at this time."

Neighbors that talked to 7News say they're shocked that this happened so close to their homes, but they're not surprised something untoward happened at that particular house.  One man said - "If you don't invite trouble, trouble won't come in."

Police continue to look for Dale Lee Jones, and are also searching for 31-year-old Lloyd Lorne -street name "Twin" -  who may be a material witness in the case.

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