Comanche County Sheriff's Department "tickled pink"

Comanche County_There are only a few weeks of construction remaining for the addition to the Comanche County Sheriff's Department, and the Sheriff and his deputies can't wait to move in.  "We're really tickled," said Sheriff Kenny Stradley.  "We're just about to get into this, and we really need the space for many, many years."

He says he's tickled - and the walls are tickled, too....literally tickled pink.  Stradley says they asked for a tan color for their walls, but the paint has a bit of a pink tint.  "Well this is not the color we picked," he says.  "We're not really crazy about this color.  We picked sort of a tan, and this wound up being more like a peach."  Nevertheless, he's just happy they're almost finished.

Stradley says it would take too long to repaint the walls, so they have decided they can live with it.  Workers say they will be done in a few weeks, and the expansion to the old county jail will give investigators new offices, an interview room, and a conference room.

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