Duncan plant expansion brings new jobs

Duncan_More new jobs are coming to Duncan soon.  The Houston-based Cameron Measurement Systems held a ground-breaking ceremony on Monday morning at the Duncan Technology Center where they're adding a 43,000 square-foot expansion onto their Duncan facility - more than doubling its capacity.  The facility will be able to add more equipment, and to operate the additional machines, they will need at least 60 new employees.  Officials say the expansion should be complete in 12-14 months.

The current facility covers about 40,000 square feet, and the expansion will give them over 80,000 square feet in which to work.  It will give Duncan as many as 70 new jobs needed since Halliburton has shifted many out of the city.

The facility was originally part of Halliburton, but ownership moved to "NuFlo" and then to "Cameron Measurement Systems."  "We left Halliburton with 46 employees," says Duncan Plant Manager Ricky Allen.  "We now have 97, so we've doubled our employee count now.  We're looking to expand this building and expand the products we're bringing to it, and we will expand our employee headcount as well."

The Duncan plant is responsible for manufacturing flow-meters, which measure how many gallons of liquid is being pumped.  The plant employees weld, assemble, test, calibrate, and pack the meters to ship to the oil and gas industry.  "It just tells you how many gallons you're putting something through, and that's why it's so useful in the oil field," says Allen.

Soft drink companies use the pumps for fountain drink machines, and hospitals use them as sanitary meters.  As the company grew, they wanted to increase production with more facilities, and after looking into adding new locations, or renovating vacant buildings, they found that their ideal option was to expand the Duncan plant.  "We looked at them as far as physical space, and looked at them as far as potential for future growth," said Cameron Measurement Systems Director of Operations Ken Taylor.  "Once we looked at everything, it made more sense to expand the current facility that we're in."

The Duncan Area Economic Development Association is ready to get moving.  "We're excited to get this thing done.  It's been an 18 month wait and we're ready to break some ground and get this thing started," said President Lyle Roggow.  "We lease the facility back to Cameron Measurement Systems, so it'll be about 70 new jobs for Duncan, and it'll be a very good opportunity for us."

Taylor says they look forward to filling the new space to capacity, and he hopes that in a couple of more years they will be ready for another expansion.  There's an option to construct yet another building in a neighboring vacant lot.

The Duncan Area Economic Development Association says this is the first of several upcoming developments that they are working on to create more business opportunities in Duncan.

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