Murder suspect's mother reacts to police raiding home

Duncan_Police raided a home in the 800 block of Cypress in Duncan on Wednesday, looking for their prime suspect in last Friday's stabbing death  of Jonathan Ball.   Anonymous tips led them to the house where Dale Lee Jones was living.

Police had been told Jones had just recently moved into the home, and when they arrived, they confirmed that his pickup truck was parked out front.   Officers surrounded the home, and used a bullhorn to call for Jones to come out.  When he didn't, they got a search warrant and then shot gas into the house. "No one came out, so they made entry, cleared the house," said Duncan Police Lieutenant Jimmy Williams. "There was no one inside the house."

Police searched the home for the knife used in the murder, and confiscated anything else related to criminal activity, like any drugs or other weapons. "We're going to follow up on some other leads we've received as well," Williams said.

Jones's family was there while police raided the house. They stood on the sidewalk as the police went through the house, with his mother is insisting that her son is innocent. "The best of my knowledge, I know my son didn't do it.  There's done been 50 lies told," Cherry Jones, the mother of the suspect, said. "And what they're doing right now, I am very upset. I'm sickly, I'm a diabetic. And what they got twisted on my son is not true, it's not true."

Police have been searching for Jones since the murder last week, and Wednesday, Duncan investigators gave 7NEWS some new information on what happened the night of the killing. Previously it appeared there had been a fight, but Lt. Williams said witnesses reported the victim had a knife that he was trying to sell.  "The murder suspect at some point asked to see the knife.  He(Ball) handed it to him, a short time later, for no apparent reason we've found thus far, he(Jones) just reaches out and slashes with the knife."

Police are still asking for your help in tracking down Dale Lee Jones. He's about 5'10 and 165 pounds. If you've seen Jones, or know where he is, call Duncan police or the Crimestoppers hotline at (580) 252-2112.

You could earn a $1,000 reward if your information leads to his arrest.  Remember, you can remain anonymous.