Lawton Fire Department gets two new trucks

Lawton_The Lawton Fire Department received its two newest fire trucks on Thursday morning, and 7News got a sneak peak of the lifesaving vehicles before they hit the streets.  Buying a fire truck is much like buying a used car - before you fork over the cash, it's usually a good idea to have a mechanic check it out.  Of course, the new engine number five is not used, but the city still wants to make sure that it's not a lemon.

Firefighters brought the truck to their training base at the Great Plains Technology Center Thursday afternoon where they put the truck to the test.  They checked for water and air leaks, performed pressure and vacuum tests, and inspected all of the valves on board.  "You might want to take it and test drive it," said Michael Merritt with the Lawton Fire Department.  " To make sure everything works like it's supposed to before we pay the kind of money we're paying for these fire trucks."

The trucks cost $370,000-$375,000, and if you pay a water bill in Lawton, you have helped foot the bill.  The fire department says the trucks were paid for out of the rolling stock fee funds collected by the water department.  Hopefully you'll never need them, but if you do, the Lawton Fire Department wants you to know that they have some of the best.

The fire department says Engines One and Five are worth it.  "These trucks just have a little newer technology," said firefighter Dewayne Burk.  "There's a little more horsepower in these trucks.  We've found some of our older units they were a little underpowered."  Burk also says they're anxious to put the trucks to work.  "We look forward to getting them on the street, and hope citizens appreciate it.  We'll do our best to make sure they're well taken care of."  The new trucks will allow the department to retire two of its older ones, and shift the aging trucks to the reserve fleet.  They should wrap up their testing on Friday.

In the near future the fire department says it has plans to purchase a new ladder truck and a heavy rescue truck.