UPDATE: Cigarette robber strikes Lawton store

Lawton_Lawton Police say they have the man who has robbed two Stripes stores of their cash and some cartons of Newport cigarettes.  Investigators say the Skyler Pasley walked into the Stripes store at Fort Sill Boulevard and Rogers Lane, pulled out a gun, and told the clerk to give him "everything."  But then, after getting the cash, the clerk says the man asked for a carton of Newport cigarettes.

Pasley was arraigned on Tuesday afternoon in Comanche County District Court, and has been charged with two separate felonies of robbery with a dangerous weapon.  His cash bond has been set at $200,000 - $100,000 for each robbery.

Pasley stands accused of robbing two Stripes convenience stores - one on May 30, and the other on June 7.

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