Traffic stop leads to possible ecstasy trafficking charges

Cotton County_A traffic stop in Cotton County led to one of the largest ecstasy busts in Southwest Oklahoma's history.  Ecstasy (a form of methamphetamine) pills can be deceptively appealing to the eye.  They may have a rainbow fruit flavor, or resemble children's vitamins - but they certainly are not.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says they discovered a bag of more than 1,000 tablets in the car of 22-year-old John Brad Harrington, who is in jail facing a lengthy prison sentence.  The arrest was made about ten miles north of the Red River on I-44.  Two sheriff's deputies say they clocked Harrington's car travelling about 90 miles per hour when he passed them.  A highway patrolman was also on a little further north.

Trooper Larry King says that after speeding past the deputies, King pulled Harrington over, and from there Harrington's troubles got even worse.  His driver's license was suspended.  King says Harrington became increasingly nervous after he was arrested, and he asked if he could be released.  Trooper King told Harrington that it wasn't going to happen, and soon discovered why the suspect's demeanor may have changed from calm to nervous - there was a bag of pills sitting on his floorboard.

"I've arrested individuals with ecstasy before," says King.  "I was aware of what it looked like, so it was immediately apparent to me what it was.  It acts as a hallucinogenic, and it also acts as a stimulant."  And, King says 1,000 pills is an extremely large amount.  In Oklahoma, possession of 30 ecstasy tablets is considered trafficking - 100, is aggravated trafficking.  "[But,] at least with a quantity this size, you know you're making a dent in it," he says.

Harrington's bond was set Friday afternoon for $300,000, and he has yet to be charged since prosecutors are considering several options - including trafficking, and distribution charges.  Troopers say they are not sure where Harrington may have obtained the ecstasy, or where he was going with the drugs.  However, they do suspect he was travelling home to Norman.

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