Apache man promises to improve dogs' living conditions, instead adds more dogs

Apache_Three weeks ago, 7News reported that there were some dogs in Apache who were not properly being cared for, and we've had dozens of calls and emails about the story.  We said we'd go back to check on them, and on Monday, we did.

Kerwin Kardokus is the dogs' caretaker, and he said he believed that he was doing the right thing in providing the dogs with a home - even if the shelter he provided didn't have the basic needs.  He said he would take the dogs to a shelter, but on Monday, 7News found the exact same dogs still living in the building.  Although it appeared that Kardokus cleaned the building up a bit - Monday there were at least 10 more dogs living there.  One dog was in the backyard, four more were near an abandoned trailer, and at least 6 more living in his backyard.

It was almost 100 degrees on Monday, and the only shelter provided for the dogs was a ripped tarp to huddle under.  Their water bowl was nearly empty, and it's practically impossible for them to run around without stepping in their own feces.

The whole situation has some citizens of Apache fed up.  Kara Coffman lives directly behind the building where 7News discovered the dogs.  "They're really sick about how Kerwin keeps the animals, you know, it's embarrassing to the town," she said.

Although Kardokus had promised he would take the animals to a shelter the very day 7News interviewed him, they're still there.  Coffman says the smell is unbearable.  "It's just, we can't open our windows, you know.  It's just ridiculous.  He's not up here to smell this," she said.  Even though Kardokus has cleaned up a little, the dogs are riddled with ticks.  Despite the ticks, and the dogs' living conditions, Kardokus says the dogs are healthy, and denies that the living conditions of the dogs are inhumane.

7News asks you to decide.  Have a look at the video.  And, neighbors say it's not only dogs living there.  They say that dozens of cats have free reign on his properties, and they dig up their flower beds - using them as litter boxes.

Kardokus says he blames the whole problem on the lack of city funds, and that he wouldn't have to take it upon himself to care for the animals if the city would spend more money for animal control and care.  He says he has been in contact with area shelters, and plans to take the dogs and cats there.

Count on 7News to keep you updated.