Confused turkey smashes into Texas courthouse window

Lubbock_Turns out there was no need for window dressing after all. The confused wild turkey that smashed into a window at the Lubbock county courthouse Monday was laid out for a while, but eventually was able to fly away. It left a turkey-shaped hole in the glass, but otherwise caused no major damage.

"They kind of get confused when they get around those mirrored windows," said Mel Reed, a game warden with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which was summoned to help. "They don't understand."

The turkey, one of a rafter seen flying near downtown, dropped to the ground after the crash and stayed in the bushes but did not go inside the building.

Members of the courthouse maintenance staff tried to get the turkey in a box, but the bird fluttered across a main downtown street where it was subsequently captured.

No word on whether the turkey rejoined the other birds.

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