Lawton bank robbery suspect arrested in Houston

Houston_Police arrested a man in Houston Wednesday in connection with this month's robbery of Peoples State Bank in Lawton.

According to police, the suspect wasn't too smart.  A reporter at a Houston television station covering the story said that the suspect had left the bank's money wrappers on the $20,000.   It's the amount of money police found with him.

The robbery of Peoples State Bank happened at 17th Street and West Gore on May 7th, and Lawton Police say they have been looking for two suspects.  Now, one individual who could have been involved is in custody at Oklahoma's Federal Detention Center.

Police say the arrest started as a routine traffic stop as the suspect was driving out of an apartment complex in west Houston.  Police say something looked suspicious, so they pulled him over.  They say he agreed to a search, and at that point, Houston Police say they uncovered at least $20,000 in the trunk of the vehicle, along with a handgun.

However, the suspect was arrested on an unrelated charge - an outstanding warrant for felony gun possession in Georgia.  Houston Police also believe he is connected to robberies in Atlanta and El Paso, and the investigation is now in the hands of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He has yet to be charged with the robbery in Lawton.  Count on 7News to let you know if, and when, that happens.