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Road trips may be stalled, but boating isn't

Comanche County_School's out, it's a three-day weekend, and camping season has officially begun.  It's the perfect combination for a great time at Lake Lawtonka - and it's good news for those not travelling far out of town due to the high price of gas.  On Friday, the lake and campgrounds were nearly full of holiday revelers there to have a great time on the water. 

It's the first three-day weekend of the year, and for most, their first vacation of the year.  Even though lake-goers are saving some money by not travelling far from home, some are still getting pounded by the gas pump.  It cost James Gwin over $70 to fill up his boat - nearly 1/3 higher than he paid last year.  "It's so expensive now to fill your boat up," he said.  "And when you're pulling somebody, the boat's running all the time." 

Gwin says he doesn't travel as far as usual on the lake, and he shuts down his engine once he gets to the middle.  "Normally you see a lot of people out here tubing, and skiing, and wake-boarding, and that's really slowed down," he said.  However, Max Adair loves the speed - even though it cost him nearly $200 to fill up his boat.  But, his boat's tank won't stay full for long. 

Skyrocketing gas prices are keeping people close to home since they simply can't afford to take a long distance vacation.  Kris Kennaway says her family chose to come to Lake Lawtonka for the Memorial Day weekend.  "I mean, to go anywhere with gas prices - where you gotta drive far - it's insane.  It's almost up $4 a gallon now, and it just keeps rising," she said.  "So we won't be going anywhere but local."

On the bright side, it's good news for the lake.  Parks and Lakes Administrator Gerald Catlett says that revenues are up, and the park is already nearly full.  "We've still got a few spots available, but probably by the end of the day, they'll all be taken," he said.

Despite the high fuel prices limiting her vacation choices, Kennaway is happy with the family's decision.  "We got the boat, they got swimming, and food, and picnics," she said.  "We're good right here."  Park officials say that even though there is a slight chance of rain, they expect the park to fill to capacity. 

AAA has ranked Oklahoma as one of the best travel values in the country - even though gas prices are high.  And, although gas is still over $3.70 per gallon, AAA reports that it's still one of the lowest prices in the country.

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