Ghost chasers investigate Medicine Park hauntings

MEDICINE PARK_ It's been said Medicine Park has been haunted for decades. Some say The Old Plantation restaurant has ghosts of past residents who loved the place so much they did not want to leave. Some believe musician Bob Wills still haunts the old music hall. 7News was there last weekend as the Southwest Oklahoma Ghost Chasers, along with the Native American Ghost Society, conducted a 13 hour investigation. After countless hours of reviewing the footage, they have the results.

A floating red light caught on tape is not a bug, a particle of dust, or the taillights of a passing car. "There's a possibility that we can explain the red lights in the room, but there's a possibility that we can't," said SWOGC President and Founder Staci Hill. "It could have been that somebody was downstairs shooting with a laser thermometer, and they did have it on and didn't realize it, and lasers will interfere with camera."

These ghost chasers say most of their investigation is just debunking phenomenons that can be explained by human causes. But, they say it's what they feel in a place like the music hall that makes them believe in ghosts. "We believe that someone may have suffered a heart attack, and the reason that we all believe that is that we all experienced numbness in the arm, pain in the face, shortness of breath," said SWOGC Public Relations Representative Tracy Austin. "We didn't discuss this with one another 'til after it was said and done. And we had all experienced the same thing. And that's unexplainable."

The room upstairs had some of their most shocking evidence. A shadow passing in front of the camera, paired with a noise. "We can't explain it," Hill said. "The shadow and the noise at the same time, blows my mind."

In that room they were searching for a ghost who has frightened workers so much they literally ran from the building. "Knock on the door, if your name is Julian," a chaser said on tape. The video camera didn't pick up a response, but the chaser thought he heard something in the room at the time, and when they reviewed the audio recordings, one picked up a distinctive knock. But, they say that might be explained by the metal roof. "Metal's going to contract," Austin said. "It's going to get warm, and it's going to cool off, and that's going to cause, or could very well cause, creaking, a knocking sound."

But the fact that he got the same knocking response to this direct question: "When there's people here working, do you mean to scare them?" That knock makes them believe it's credible.

Now they say most ghosts don't respond to direct questions, rather, they will interrupt you when you're not paying attention to them. That's what happened during one of their previous investigations at a home in Wilson, Oklahoma. The family there said they were being haunted by a little girl. On tape the little girl interrupted them, her voice clear and concise. "There's no way that we could explain why that child's voice was so clear and so present and sounded like it was right here.," Austin said. "That was unexplained."

If ghost chasing interests you, the SWOGC is having a conference on July 19th, along with a ghost walk through Medicine Park. Tickets are $15, and they suggest you bring comfortable walking shoes, bottled water, sunscreen and a flashlight. It starts at 10 a.m. and they say the walk may last well into the night. For tickets, call (580) 583-2986 or (580) 583-4093. For more information on the conference, or to see more investigation pictures and videos, you can visit their Web site here: Southwest Oklahoma Ghost Chasers