No holiday on Memorial Day for emergency crews

Lawton_Even though it's Memorial Day, things are business as usual for paramedic supervisor Don Knoles and his team.  "People still get sick, they still get hurt, they still need us - it's what we do. Without us, people would die, it's as simple as that."

And that went for a lot of people in Lawton Monday. Fire department Lieutenant Mike McDaniel says he simply reported for his normal shift.  The fact that it falls on Memorial Day doesn't matter.  The fire department is open everyday.  "The emergencies don't stop," Lt. McDaniel said. Every day we could have anything - a fire, medical emergencies, so we have to be ready to respond, whether it's a holiday or not."

That's why the 911 emergency dispatch center was also fully manned, in order to answer any of those calls that come in, from citizens or our emergency responders.  "We take care of those blue suiters(police), red suiters(firefighters), and make sure they get home at the end of their shift."