Swimming permits required at Medicine Creek

Medicine Park_Medicine Park will begin charging people to use the swimming hole starting Sunday.  Mayor Dwight Cope says the charges are necessary to keep up maintenance because so many people are littering and damaging the area.  The new permits will cost $2 a day for each swimmer older than five to swim from 10am to 7pm every day.

"Hopefully, that amount of revenue can help us there," Cope said.  "It won't fix all the problems, but it will certainly help and also maybe just discourage some that just want to come out here and freeload and take advantage of the situation."  The city also want to assign an officer to the area to give people warnings, and even issue tickets, if they're littering or damaging the property.

Cope says they don't want to discourage people from coming out. So getting a permit will be easy.  They will be sold by many of the businesses along the creek.

For right now, Cope says they're going to see how the individual daily swimming permits work, and then they'll consider offering summer passes and family deals.

They're also reinstating a fishing permit that had been suspended following a chlorine leak in December that killed most of the underwater wildlife.  Mayor Cope said the fish population has increased to the point where it is again a viable fishing spot.  That permit will cost $5 a day.