12 arrests in Lawton after three-month drug investigation

Lawton_Lawton Police have confirmed that one of those arrested in a drug bust on Wednesday drug bust is a nurse.  After three months in a joint investigation, officers simultaneously raided nine homes in Lawton, arrested 12, and collected weapons, money, over $350,000 worth of cocaine, and five gallons of prescription cough syrup.  As their parents taken to jail, four children were taken into protective custody.

On Thursday, it was confirmed that one of those arrested is a nurse.

The investigation centered around claims of fraudulent prescriptions.  Law enforcement from Oklahoma City, and the State of Oklahoma were investigating claims of the theft of large amounts of prescription drugs and abusing them.  "A diversion of legitimate pharmaceutical prescription drugs is probably the number one drug abuse problem in Oklahoma," said Officer Chris Smith with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN).

Lawton Police Chief Ronnie Smith says the hard work and cooperation of the two agencies led to the success of the investigation.  "When you need 59 people to serve all these warrants, it's a whole lot better when you have a part of his guys and part of my guys," he said.  "The more the merrier."

In addition to the drugs, police recovered over $10,000 in cash, several handguns, and even a laser sighted rifle.

Police say they are still investigating and have not released the names of any of those arrested since no one has been charged.  However, they say there will be more arrests, along with some vehicles impounded.

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