Faxon landmark comes down

Faxon_A Faxon landmark - the old water tower, used for more than a half century - is on its way out of town.  The structure was taken down by destruction crews from Burkburnett and Oklahoma City.

Faxon's Water System Manager capped off the water on the old tower and drained it two weeks ago, and now the town has a new tower which has provided Faxon residents with water for about a month.  But, the tower was a lot more than just a water supply.  Locals aren't sure how long it was around, but some residents remember it being there for at least 60 years.  They say the water tower was the face of Faxon.

The old tower's tank is now on the ground, off to the side of Highway 36, after having welcomed people to Faxon for decades - it's name on the side of the shiny tank.  "This is how you found the town of Faxon, it was always a side marker to our house," said 24 year resident of Judy Peters.  "We live right next to the water tower.  If you turn there you can find the First Baptist Church...you can find the post office."

Peters spent most of the day watching sparks fly as the crew blowtorched the old tower.  "It's so sad, it's so sad, I wanted them to keep it up," she said.  "It's a landmark that's been there ever since I've been alive," said Mayor Bill Peters.  "I grew up here as a boy, and moved back, and they put up with me as mayor for a while.  It's kinda sad to see it come down."

The tower was sandblasted and re-coated about 22 years ago, but the tank had some leaks and inconsistent pressure, so they really needed this one.  "It's a sign of progress," said the former mayor.  "We've got a new water tower that is a larger, much more modern system...much more reliable."

Now, Faxon has a new place for memories.  Part of the town hall is now a museum housing over 300 old trophies.  Evelyn Chavez was one of six in Faxon High's graduating class of 1950 and admits playing dangerously on the water tower.  "It was just a landmark here, and how many times we all tried to crawl it, as kids, that's a challenge, to crawl to the top of the tower," she said.

Everyone was sad to see the tower go, but they are glad to see the town making progress.  The Peters say there aren't any new businesses starting in Faxon, but there are some new homes being built.  They say they expect more new residents when new soldiers arrive to the area.