Cache officials go through bomb training

Cache, OK _The town of Cache discovered the hard way that bomb scares don't only happen in big cities.  In April a Cache police officer found two bombs during a vehicle search.  He brought the bombs back to the police station and stored them in an evidence locker until they could be properly disposed of.

But, no one knew it wasn't safe to move the bombs.  Luckily no one got hurt.  "Our emergency plan had concentrated on severe weather and floods and certainly not this," said Cache Mayor Nolan Watson.  "A lot of people don't ever think about planning until an event takes place," Watson said.

Cache officials are now learning what to do if they find a bomb, and what to do should one explode  Mayor Watson says the training is vital to Cache's safety.  "We live in a - some would say - an uncertain world, and we're gonna find things occurring in Cache, unfortunately," he said.  "We have to realize that even though we're a small rural community, we're subject to anything."

They've called in the Oklahoma Highway Patrol bomb squad to help with the training.  OHP breaks the training down into three parts - planning for bomb threats, recognizing bombs, and what to do if a bomb is found.  "We're not gonna go in, we're not gonna investigate, we're not going to be opening packages," said Cache Volunteer Fire Department Chief Dale Winham.

The OHP says they respond to about 360 bomb calls per year - many of them in small towns. Watson says their preparation isn't over yet.  As technology advances, they'll continue to have this training when needed.