LPD cracks burglary cases

Lawton_Lawton Police say they have cracked the case on several burglaries in the city as well as Comanche County.  In fact, they say that they have even recovered some of the stolen property as the thief tried to hide it.

Detectives say the number of burglaries keeps growing, and they describe it as several.  But, as more of the stolen loot turns up, so do the number of victims.

Property crimes are usually not easy to solve, and property is not often returned to its owner.  "When we do recover property, we're not able to track it back an owner because when they made the police report there's no serial number to tie it back to.  There's no identifying mark," says Lawton Police Detective Brad Davis.

However, every once in a while, detectives get a break and area able to match some of the stolen items to the owner.  "Sometimes it will snowball, and you can actually solve a lot of burglaries just from one incident," says Lawton Police Detective Will Hines.  Davis was able to piece together a recent rash of robberies in Lawton and Comanche County.

"He [Davis] did receive some information that some of the property he was looking for was inside of a residence," says Hines.  "Also, the information was that somebody was trying to move that property out because he knew they were onto him."  Police say they stolen items were already loaded up in a car and that the driver was trying to move it to a storage unit when Davis stopped him for a traffic violation.  "After investigation [he] found the vehicle did contain stolen items from not only a burglary he was working, but also a burglary out in the county," says Hines.

Investigators say that they found all kinds of items, including a welcome home stone, electronics, drug paraphernalia, and prescription pills.  So far, police say their suspect hasn't been arrested for the burglaries, but he is in jail on an unrelated charge.

Police say they believe more people were involved because some of the loot - such as a big screen TV - would take more than one person to lift and carry.  Investigators are still working to present the burglary cases to the District Attorney.

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