Rep. Cole announces bid for re-election

Norman_Congressman Tom Cole announced on Friday that he would seek a fourth term as the Representative of Oklahoma's Fourth Congressional District:

"Throughout my tenure in Congress I have done my best to reduce taxes, curb spending, protect the lives of the unborn, ensure the right of all Americans to keep and bear arms, and see to the defense of the country in the dangerous era in which we live.  As a small businessman, I understand the rigors of meeting a payroll and have done my best to protect and promote the interests of small businesses across the district, the state and the nation.  As a former educator I have done all I can to make sure our children have the opportunity to go as far as their desire and talents will take them.  As the son of a veteran and the representative of a strongly pro-military district I have worked to fund our military and extend the benefits earned by America's most deserving citizens.  And, as the only Native American enrolled tribal member in Congress, I have worked to find ways for Tribal, Federal, and State governments to work together for the betterment of all our citizens"

"But, I also recognize that Washington is broken right now, and the people of America are demanding fundamental change.

"When I think about the contrast between the condition of our state and the condition of our country, I am often reminded of the famous line in Charles Dickens' novel, 'The Tale of Two Cities'', 'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...'

"The contrast between Oklahoma and today's Washington is striking.  While things are not perfect in Oklahoma, times are good.  Our economy is strong, jobs are plentiful, and the quality of life is high.  We have our political differences, but we manage to work them out in a spirit of give and take."

The Congressman continued to say:

"If I am fortunate enough to be among those elected next November, I will do everything in my power to advocate and advance the conservative ideals and principles that are held by the people of Oklahoma.  And, I will represent the views, the interests, and the values of the people of the Fourth District to the very best of my ability."