Lawton students SWAT the cigs for "No Tobacco Day"

Lawton_Elmer Thomas Park in Lawton is a lot cleaner thanks to the hard work of some local high school and middle school students.  Members of SWAT - Students Working Against Tobacco - spent the afternoon picking up used tobacco products at the park on Friday in honor of world "No Tobacco Day."

This year's campaign focus is on tobacco-free youth, and SWAT President Sarah Byrd says that's what their organization is all about.  She says that seeing places covered in cigarette butts where kids play is just not acceptable.  "It really influences them to see cigarettes everywhere," she said.  "Then they think tobacco is just this normal thing, so we're really trying to prevent that."

The World Health Organization says that tobacco use is the second cause of death globally, and is currently responsible for killing one in ten adults worldwide.  World "No Tobacco Day" begins on Saturday.